Performance Art

CircX show in Austin, TX July 2011. Photo by Roy Moore /

Tilly Rex is a loving yet mischievous ball of fun that performs for audiences young and old. By combining clowning, sideshow and comedic burlesque: this little monster makes silly look sexy!

Inspired by the Comedia del Arte archetype of Harliquin and a very small dinosaur, Tilly Rex believes that she is quite possibly the scariest thing this world holds. Of course, if that is true, the world probably has nothing to worry about.

Tilly was on cast as the clown in The Vespertine Circus in Oakland from 2010 to 2012 including tours through the “dirty deep” South and the Pacific Northwest. Tilly now performs with the Vespertine Circus for special events and assists with props and set design. She also collaborated with the Santa Cruz Sirens Burlesque and Cirque des Bêtes.

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